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Brandi Homan



Aunt Lillian


She mails you
           If you like—
                       I'll sit by the fireplace

a vacation guide to Colorado,
            Dear Billy,
                      What a beautiful state

which you've called home
            In my dreams!
                       I've enjoyed it thru pictures

for twenty years. She's made notes
             Do you do all that space
                       I can't stand it

in the margins, places to go,
              I want to see everything—
                       Pray for the lottery!

things to do. How do we know
              I'll open my piggy bank
                       Pop would love this

to keep on living, alone
               Scared me to death
                       I'm asleep at eight

with this particular sadness?
               Me and John Wayne
                        Definitely me


Brandi Homan responds to art, economics, and Country Music not paying her for her poems.