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Dan Chelotti



On Williams' To Elsie


Today I walked like a rooster
Through the pines.
They were all in my way.
I had my headphones in
To spite the birds
And to spite myself,
I put it all on shuffle
And pushed past
All songs that did not
Corroborate my anger.
I felt just. I felt strong.
Then Elsie, flailing
Out from behind a tree,
And Williams' reedy voice:
The pure products
Of America go crazy.

It is hard to be angry
When Elsie and her big
Floppy breasts wants
To cuddle. I don't want
To cuddle; I want to walk
On and be righteous
Like a knight of old
Wielding a sword
Of wind and a sword of rain.
I do not want to witness
And adjust. Oh merciful God,
I do not want to drive the car.



Dan Chelotti responds to art, economics, and Country Music not paying him for his poems.