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Francis Raven






The eyes are magnanimous beyond all else.
They are not what you need.
This is peanuts, but the world is one
And a great loss at that.
We want to know what happened in the end.
My uncle did it using a process of science.
I think you can help.
This is because we want to build
Until coverage replies with exact measurements.
For interpreting the world.
Death, suicide, and description will be closed.
Event: Midnight during the study period.


Each line is connected to my head.
All entries are there.
But there also differences between the two parties
(i.e. hemispheres). I will not lose the case
Though the possibility of side effects
Is never far from the relationship with one's parents.
No doubt, loneliness and anger
Indicates that the prescription is ready.
Everything depends on several factors.
The drought is a dispute between brothers and sisters:
Cultural differences, living schedules.
But this is not an important failure.


Nobody is neutral: no effective decisions can be made.
I tried everything, but I needed anger.
This is something from the past, my father's absence brings
A little more experience. I'm too short
In addition to printing photos on other remembrances
There's always the sense of loneliness, which can be very difficult but
Which is also forgotten when you stare at stupid reports
And some other works. Besides, my feet are in pain.
Biologically, I am approved by the earth's addition
In which good work has been completed, at least I think so.
So, confidence is pride
Pushing the furniture into the corner.


But his throat killed his wife in heaven.
You can check.
Health insurance forges past obstacles
To the small allocation of luxury cars and travel;
She loves music.
No responsibility will be established.
Housing and property stand beside marriage.
Recovery is a good old uncle.
He refused to go with her.
I bless him.
I write concerns about survival.
They see a warm spiritual consolation.


Title string. Sympathy's pain.
Statements are left under the bed.
Then the spirit's express was born.
As always, it's just natural.
Home fruit (more memory).
The first job is rejected.
Art has a flirtatious capacity.
Cheap clothes are good.
When you were happy with games.
So, I took his glass eye
To determine the effect of other women.
Code: fair hair, blue eyes, blond hair.


Art is a problem
Before they actually start.
Truth: Bone Drill.
However, anyone can start their own gallery.
The election is a waste of time.
However, it seems good to see dead pixels.
I decided to give you the key.
I thought you wanted to write a chapter?
This option is open.
Teachers do not like to lie
At the parents' insistence.
Clearly, more effective decisions are possible.



Francis Raven responds to art, economics, and Country Music not paying him for his poem.