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Jennifer H. Fortin



from We Lack in Equipment & Control


Meanwhile, vigorous
growth in my hotbed
Stakes for bedposts,
a couple of parallel burnt nights
Weave past the judge,
we're almost enough
to require a parade
permit, parade through
water instead, succeed in
critical homogenous mixture,
avoid permit altogether
Supposedly I'm building a new body
& preparation is not wise,
it's just taking care
Will the teeth come in as slowly
Will it have two hearts, better
filtration, does it have more
or less sexual intercourse with you
I'd surmise the permit is in
the wash of this new
body, its lashes out
Did the ponies from my other
sections obtain permission
Do they build new bodies later



Jennifer H. Fortin responds to art, economics, and Country Music not paying her for her poems.