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Jon Thrower



Double Bind Tragedy


Canada Geese honk drunkenly over the frozen ponds of Forest Park

wide swaths of Port-Au-Prince are rubble and many thousands are dead

snow specks the sun's corona, I feel as if a dog is being born nearby


desperate citizens of the capital resort to looting in frantic gangs

add two tablespoons cumin and coriander, one teaspoon garam masala

the bone welkin through the kitchen window glares like a star-sized tuba


journalists flock to the site to document the confusion of aid efforts

when onions become translucent, stir in several strands of saffron

the radio reflects the pink tile beneath the smell and shimmers

a CNN News Anchor plucks a bloody-faced boy from a riotous crowd

"everybody's talkin' at me, and I don't hear a word they're saying"

sambal to the nose is a cymbal crash near the ear; tight brightness


then a girl is found buried but alive near her dead family of six

among the Golden Globe winners are Glen Close, and Hangover

this is a very graphic video and may be difficult for some viewers


Jon Thrower responds to art, economics, and Country Music not paying him for his poems.