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Billy Cancel



if dense composition embedded squiggly lines     echouto                                                
representational trace     throw in bar codes flourish.     the past
overloading my daily commute     so an obscure saint     i'll allow
to give their name to this village.    laugh now but in here
noone can scream you space     busted lights peeling paint
standard energy drop well done     asbestos squatters motion
detectors     on scraps grown a bit in fact.    a resident of this very
same thicket won     five minutes of pleasure in a yellow bird cage     
so won't bust the piracy business model     still wants chrome
l.e.d lights user controlled dosage.     somewhere this side of
cold cut line    an exceptional talent visa got lost in transit      no one
has a signature a tracking number.     do i need to spell it out?    
intruders-in-a-perilous-expanse like they just walked in off the street   
no drilling site coat check & should anyone ask am slowly
burrowing a tunnel of screaming lights out to galaxy's edge   
down through countless business loops scenic byways   
just to see a man on fire emerging from the rubble    
there go i by
the grace of
yet another vast