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Billy Cancel



blindfolded left of water take care     ripped blue
poster razor's grave     misunderstood lightning bolt
no monster     unreason's advance endless thursday
so why out this late?     to applaud road works get
the most out of file naming?     neither edgy gold
record nor behind curtain reconstruct.     hope to
get airlifted to lucy     her dawn over pigsty     slow
coach fast tree     for one broken white parachute
only     crucial lag distance     overnight collection   
no controversial incineration plan     you'll be happy
just tracking ash.     if i appealed to symptoms of
network root rot follow milk snatcher down to ocean's
gut.     if expanded theory fattened herself with evidence
meet me at 19-03 burnt mill road.     before the week
ripens further with accidents please apply eye drops
& stab the lock bust soon the future shall announce
a second location classic in-patient darker
olive walls brighter salmon walls.    
good night
map corner.