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Jackie Clark


Eaglize All Desire

Irretrievable, the image,
as for over-arching, the noise of the fan soothes
what else but a shallow filled bucket
over turning, over turning, backside to the window

The streets suggest invisible, when I walk,
when walking to the end

I sleep through the beginning, and end with eyes closed before the end

The exterior of all things brick and wood and vinyl cover frames
I think frames are important or did, upon the trestle and in defiance
of self-imposed meaning, to mean meaning something

Dislodged from the bridge

What is jumping, what is free-falling

Asphalt rubs away skin,
allows one to slide with multiple infractions

Does not end the ending
but blood, bright red before the blinking blackness

This is not ignorable and therefore life

Senses still outwitted, overshadowed, rhythm the curve which flexes,
bruises absorbed into the skin

This invisible diagram, shaken

Adjustable sails bow out

Unroll the method, eagalize all desire,
feigned mouseishness in the presence of zealots

Defend as empty vessel instead of shallow moat


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