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Water Witching Theory


In the classic method of using a forked stick,
one fork is held in each hand
with the palms upward.

In a region of adequate rainfall
and favorable geology,
it is difficult
not to drill and find water.

This explains why
many dowsers
appear to be successful.


Clever, Iowa. Farm,
dorm, farm, in that order.

Even our farm
is part of a larger farm.

We know or think we know
the basic rules.

Parents weave math into the day.
A break from the arc of a career

bright as a dime. Zookeepers in Phoenix
hose down an elephant.

The yogaists will be over there
with the talons of their eagle.

And now I am not very good at this
world. Flowers

that are out of sequence
are distributed to the trade.

If you have all the colors,
that’s not matching

or anything
we’d thought of as farming.

Soccer parents would never
carry their child into the field.

And now you are dancing
and no one will ever walk in.

We scan the star-splayed darkness
as if to really scare ourselves.

We just needed
some rain.

Now our herbicides are all geese.
Our pesticides are ducks.

Country Music
is a family experiment

in more to life
than economic growth.



Friends, the homestead now hosts the experiment.
We have moved the offices
from Hawai'i back to Nebraska.

Funding for this website
comes in part from selling
scrap metal from the property.



Old offices in Honolulu, HI


New offices near Stanton, NE

Close-up of candy corn

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