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Matt Hart



Today we talked about happiness in class
In class in class, and outside in the grass
The snow      The now      Who can blame us
for rhyming      And artifice      O wily red foxes
Sunny Day Real Estate      The universe
squealing its party all night, every morning
the clock, its un-magical drones      I've got
nothing for you      The noise in your paws
But Nothing is better than Something Forever—
which is ambiguous, of course—and off      Dogs
jumping over the cows like Jupiter      You
should've seen them, the bored looks
when I implored it      The students
so much younger      The emptier the prettier
The hollowed out buildings and the swirly black
holes      But when Darkness blows the pasture up
the good little shepherd stays close to his flock,
hugging their faces and petting their fleeces,
never neglecting his shepherdly duty
Sucked in in the process by a beauty named Beauty
or a beauty named Logic and Sorrow Overwhelming
Clearly and with clarity      I don't care
if your passion's alarming      I only care
that you're passionate about something
There are more things in heaven, should you
need an idea, but until then the sun covers all of us
in mirth      Electric gazelles, for whatever it's worth
Let's make a deal: don't be angry and don't be
afraid      I'll be the river and you be the parade
We'll wander the meadow with our throats
for the record      Bring it and scream it
The louder the better