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Samuel Day Wharton


Subject: What They Did In England, Of Course, Might Be Different

than what we did every day right here in America,
but the results were always the same. As adults,

we've all been witness to the same menagerie
of anti-adultery pamphlets, antibiotic-resistant

bugs, & predatory mark-ups. Those flare-ups
of prescience tend to be too much to handle,

so we spend our days daydreaming dismissively
of our lovers' influenzas & what they might cost.

Indeed, we've been witless in our pursuit
of the effortless poise leaders achieve routinely.

We bashfully admit we might've lost our way
between the surfing dogs of Coronado

& the golden-hued pueblos of the West. The times
were good, abuelitos, in the cash-only economies

of yesterday's bars, but we're only getting bitterer
as we get older; our check-ups less routine.