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Sarah Suzor



Almost the Worst # 99 : Being the prettiest girl in the world.

She said:

Can we pretend we never talked about the eyes of God or forgiveness?
Can we pretend you never found me?
Can we just listen to country music,
cry ourselves to sleep?


It's important to identify the problem.

Some people will say that's half the battle.
They'll look at you and say:
That's half the battle, right there.

Even if it's impossible to tell which came first:

the prettiest girl, or the problem,
at least it will be half over.


One day she said:

Meet me in the middle.
One night she told me all her problems.
One time I met her halfway.

The problem is I stopped wondering if she was awake.

I stopped wondering about the last time she saw the ocean.


Some people will also tell you:
Pick your battles.
They'll say:
The battle doesn't matter, as long as you win the war.

But war only works in matters of love.

Love only works when one wakes up thinking about the prettiest girl.
And the prettiest girl will never love anyone until she is forgiven in the eyes of God.


There's something to be said for the phase of the moon.

People will do this, and they will do that, and then they will say:
Must be the phase of the moon.

This is a good example of recklessness.

Recklessness is caution thrown to the wind.
Especially when the wind is so cold and the sun is so hot.