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Michael Joseph Walsh


Yes, Please

I thought we’d start tonight with
Aching toward

The human   warming up
What I remember

That’s why I said
The thing

That I said
To mirror the scent

Of things to be said
Down our throats

I was speaking   I was
Coming into play

Thinking about our arrangement
Against nature

How we don’t know
Who we love

Who they are   Already
In the living room

Where I go blank
Asking   Am I remembering

The birds

Have you ever seen water
In the brain?

It’s totally out of your imagination
So where do you put it?

A tightrope that
Gets walked

Where it’s happening
Our very slight meeting places

Rubbing against each other
There’s such a grace to that

Running into hiccups
Hanging in the air

And this is closely tied
To our experience of the world

Stealing our shoes
That skin is no small

Matter   That we don’t choose
A lot of things

And yet we’re delighted
To be here