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Atlanta Poets Group



RC cola tendons: that was officially sexting

stew paul: a game in which a variant

pulls leer and jumper stuck in a field.

Dick had not yet arrived figmented

gomasta a non-sortiledge form of joiny

an amerian of single item, or hibernica

a small sailing scull of

unknown ub-ub ubba possible dutch

production of a hookah made of a coconut shell

unemphatic is a multiplicity of sweet but

other animals, a robber seeking uniformity

prow administering a sinking tail and adz

latched forehead, pitched forth brush upon you,

shoved and sung the heavy wipes, for to make branch grew



Process Note: Several decades ago, a couple of groups of U.S. poets experimented with writing collaboratively by having someone (or several someones) read from books, while they took turns sitting at a typewriter and weaving a text out of the words that were going by in the air. The Atlanta Poets Group was founded about 1997. Since then we have met every Wednesday. Like many folks, we had heard about those earlier experiments. Often we’ve used variants of the reading-aloud method as one catalyst for collaborative composition.