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Atlanta Poets Group




A person out of an amusing infection


front porch uses a block to grind one stomach French is

to tear the catastrophism that loses all patience with those

dashboards that are scratched with a T-square nail in cold weather;

i yelled my lungs out and cried out against the Ozarks' square eggs


flowers, a flower is foremost any plant is broken

the bursting of bubbles from the sound made in cooking

I'd like dishface which is slightly concave which is bilious

without handles a large earthen vase served with meat


vulgar Latin depressed and butterflies on Honshu

little fizzle is a gentle mother, jingle dry heave-ho used

in speech and writing, perpendicular grubby clothes closed

in doodleheimer, dumb-guddled like the doctrine of the sea


goober grabber: a skin greater than that with an infinite tumble of dimensions

angromous and its tendency finds he phones his own flashlight, formerly at eye-level


Process Note: Several decades ago, a couple of groups of U.S. poets experimented with writing collaboratively by having someone (or several someones) read from books, while they took turns sitting at a typewriter and weaving a text out of the words that were going by in the air. The Atlanta Poets Group was founded about 1997. Since then we have met every Wednesday. Like many folks, we had heard about those earlier experiments. Often we’ve used variants of the reading-aloud method as one catalyst for collaborative composition.