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Atlanta Poets Group



Sourceware or who-shot-john


The trumpet buffalo crept into the horn of plenty

that had cat fish flying with the bee, & the action of the water

was a picture of Wille & Waylon sucking gin,

with crisp centers for stoop tag in apple-mint buffet New Jersey


the swamp on Marsha: forced pocking the angel

the species was the source of marginagiana but more frequent


akin to hectase replaceable's sweet fence (sick faces)


a hydrous fibrous mass texas fever from hoisting or lower common

hamarchy thatchy thousand legs decked with a horsetail clingstonce

sacred to the muses small amount or hoop skirt

hoop snake local schoold to yet a grain store


almost when the dude is chilled, a term of abuse brightens

nitidous ziggity women containing nitric in excess



Process Note: Several decades ago, a couple of groups of U.S. poets experimented with writing collaboratively by having someone (or several someones) read from books, while they took turns sitting at a typewriter and weaving a text out of the words that were going by in the air. The Atlanta Poets Group was founded about 1997. Since then we have met every Wednesday. Like many folks, we had heard about those earlier experiments. Often we’ve used variants of the reading-aloud method as one catalyst for collaborative composition.