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Lucy Harvest Clarke and Stephen Emmerson



from Are birds free from the yellow fear of rape


Scattered round for safety water proposes crow

Hay on a high flier a line of condensation

Field bride in golden then windsock melodrama

Rainbow oxytocin the future is mirror

Shortly to be arriving so beak through ice

Scattered by betterment vaporise over fountain

They are new & good there is much left left

To never quite imagine and further crow ponds

Sun dried & ready a tree marriage

The free I see is cobalt our coins down well


Let's start an unfolding so unfold a man then

A case of bones resteth an oath under oast

First aid kit in cabin to no avail a veil

Past this tunnel is London the intersecting leaves

We can make it if this tunnel death

We'd have heckled for keeps then become bear

But the moon was on the barn a town unplanned is best

And returning in the morn they gather wood

Understatement dawn park in lorry park

Glory is morning flight in the crease it seems


Watch it come down even so it is even

They rebuild everything without mast to sail

In a portacabin each must master an exit

So to understand to be without photography

And accept all mobility the trees talk dirty

Asleep in my arms he became a question

Does a causeway so fall at speed

So after this winter I am partly party glad

The well is back we are eating through shell

No defunk warehouse exit all in all time