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Lucy Harvest Clarke and Stephen Emmerson



from Are birds free from the yellow fear of rape


Understated tooth force rain force

Renaissance Ruth a greyscale drop

Compendium alert in narrow wave

Orange tree orange this fingernail garden

Rose coloured brute slow progressive drum

The baby awakes ear to ear brassic

In a clay coloured in tunnel earth

A membrane smoke but torrent outer

While the uneven noon tracking that dirt

Staring straw & pine each sign warning


Clutching at strobes so wearing a journey

From three weeks old vulgar threads

My accessible vein if water puts stop

Thinking you were pasture proof and hitherto climbs

Down combat lane there are undead

You think you're so Sunday if we text it

But it smudged my eye all roads are the same

Blow me a tune I but forklift bird

Heart character or wired sir in fence

I humbled your wood to keep talking


Super smash Sunday my lie in wait

She's a retrospective lake then spray away

All caught up in splits a spiral of words

Sitting high wire crane to eat the leaves

In this part of the brain with cradle cap

Sand storms trade a wine line whine

For any connective thought I mouthed mouse

Extravagant make tied ribbon to fence

For the bubble of it or stapled tongue to lip

I tip my hat southward circle once for home