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Travis Macdonald



Car Share Thief
by Stan Mir*


the robot’s plumes             dressed each electric night

the rain has laced                      mice in branches and


bird mirrors             it faces a barrage without buttons

above                                           the invention of face


confetti                        a foot knocks dirt into the dark

Monday arm                                 a struggle I push by


a hole I shoveled backward into           my thin hands

arms hung                           gone from the white gown


I am the voice that faces have                       be enough

now too many                  the will to push is not a wish



*Process Note: Despite the potentially deceptive title, this poem is the “original” work of the poet Travis Macdonald. It was composed by rearranging the words of Stan Mir’s poem “The Invention Has Too Many Faces” (from The Lacustrine Suite) into an entirely new order and form.