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Travis Macdonald



12:30 Filings
by Kimberly Lyons*


As the red magnetic effigy debris

of a flashlight x-ray burns on through

any stiff distillation of surface,


when the filament’s only orientation

washes or sheds itself there

on the ragged glare’s relinquishment


it is only the straps

that fall, is only

the objects in proximity

emanating evidence.


But I discern a current

in the disarray:

the dark powder imprints

of an alphabetic lipstick


is a trace of that

evades the primary

wires or secondary threads

that I, thinking, can’t make.


Like the fluid flag of a hand’s waves

hovering, a cup or an axis can hold

motion without manifestation.



*Process Note: Despite the potentially deceptive title, this poem is the “original” work of the poet Travis Macdonald. It was composed by rearranging the words of Kimberly Lyons’s poem “Evidence” (from Rough) into an entirely new order and form.